Psychology (Marine Engineers)

Marine psycology

As per the new guidelines of D.G Shipping, Subject Psychology is to be inculcated in the Syllabus of Marine Engineering.


Definition: Psychology is scientific study of Human and Animal Behavior.
“It’s is define as scientific study, because it’s proven by scientific experiment on being”
“why animal behavior? You ask. Because some experiment cannot be performed on Human”

Psychology is divided into (By Nature) :

i)  Pure (Theoretical)

ii) Applied (need I say, it is applied and actually seen)

Psychology is divided into (By Branch) :

  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Criminal Psychology
  3. Industrial Psychology
1) Clinical Psychology : it is to find mental disorder, as a shippie it’s worthy to note that almost 70% of people onboard a vessel get Depress at some point. Depression is a Medical Disorder, and when you’re depress, your body dehydrate faster. In Cold Climate and because of Blue colour of the Sea Depression is common (it’s psychology, temperature and colour has impact on us)

2) Criminal Psychology : it is to find out the psychology of criminal, why did they do what they do, people involve with this branch of psychology, stay in prison(not with the convict) but a room near there subject to study and make out the pattern.

3) Industrial Psychology : “the branch of applied psychology that is concerned with efficient management of an industrial labor force and especially with problem encountered by worker in mechanized environment”, also known as Organizational Psychology .

As we’re talking about ships, we’ll look only into Industrial Psychology

Definition: it is defined as the branch of applied psychology that is concerned with the efficient management of an industrial labor force and especially with problem encountered by worker in mechanized environment.

Aim of Industrial Psychology:

1. Increase worker productivity.

2. Design safe work environment.

3. Train new employees.

4. Help organize the company’s management structure.

Explained :
  • Increase worker productivity: One of the main goals of Industrial Psychology is to improve worker productivity. Industrial psychologists research workplaces to find ways to increase worker satisfaction and boost productivity. Industrial psychologists design and implement workplace procedures in order to improve employee efficiency.
  • Design safe work environments: Another function of Industrial Psychology is to design safe workplaces. Industrial psychologists study the company's operating procedures, equipment used and types of work performed to determine ways to make employees safer.
  • Train new employees:  Industrial psychologists are often in charge of creating orientation and training programs for new employees. They apply concepts of Industrial Psychology to create programs that teach new workers about a company's operating procedures and business philosophies in ways that make employees feel welcome and valued.
  • Help organize the company's management structure: Industrial psychologists can direct companies to reduce unnecessary redundancy and increase accountability. They can create organizational structures that clearly define the job duties and responsibilities for each position.

Author Arpit Singh                                                                 Article Requested By: Akul gupte


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