Online Test

  • The exams are free but require user-name and password to participate.
  • There are 50 Random questions from the question bank of 300 for each candidate.
  • Ads may appear for the first time if you try to fill the user-name /password.
  • Each questions are of 1 marks each with no negative marks.
  • You can also send us questions for further development of this test.
  • The test duration is : 40 minutes / 50 questions 

For Test, user name and password is:   Sample2,Sample2

To get Your own user name and password for test, email us at subject: TEST, with your Name*, Sample User-Name*,phone no. You will be replied with your exam user name and a random password for one time test.
(*are required compulsorily.)

Terms: All the questions asked in the exam are taken from various books, sample papers, some websites and previous year questions. No questions are created by our team and so can't authenticate the accuracy, However it has been tried best to be true and correct. You accept you have no problem sharing your email, and accept this exam is for educational / Reference purpose only. You also accept you have no complain regarding sourcing questions from various sources(Online and Off-line) for this Exam.