About us

Since my first year if i had to look for something i use Google but many a times just found lost clicking here and there with almost no reliable result. Only Place where i find something useful was marine-insight but even they can't provide everything so i thought to write a blog on the marine engineering with more focus on the notes meo class4 question's and anything new i would found regarding the field.
        With time several others friend of mine also joins us and so t he no of authors and contributors increase. This is my second blog so far as i had to shut down my old blog due to some technical and personal issues.

Till so far We are a team of small with all marine engineers by profession. You can be part of our group anytime just keep posting as a guest post and if we like your posts you will be awarded with authorship and a part of money if we get any through advertisement.


1. Abhimanyu Soni

2.Arpit Singh

3. Abhinav kaushal

4. Aditya sunil mahale

5.Amit (Admin)

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