6 Silly reasons why you get failed in mmd examinations again and again!

6 Silly reasons why you get failed in mmd examinations again and again!

You have filled documents , applied and even prepared well, even get some coaching second time but still not get through the passing grades. Have you think what went wrong all the times?

why are u failing repeatedly in MMD Exams despite writing all correct answers? Following silly mistakes may be a reason :

  1. Please don't make any identification marks on your answer sheet. Also dont write your rotation no. anywhere except the place provided for the same.
  2. First question is always compulsory. Start your answers from question no. 1 only. As attempting it in the last gives an impression that you don't know the subject well.
  3. Do not attempt survey related questions. i.e. Boiler survey, Load line survey etc. Because these answers require specific attention on some important issues and areas, which you can miss out and this may turn out to be failing mistake.
  4. Sketches leave good impression. It can be drawn free hand,but should be neat and clear. Be careful, there should not be failing mistakes in your sketch.
  5. Start writing answer from the back of cover page only. Leaving that page blank may leave you disqualified from exam. Also where you finish your answer, remaining page should be struck down by single line and answer of next question must start from new page.
  6. Use only one color pen, preferably black, during your exam. Please don’t use other color pen not even for headings or underlining.

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Not even a single geniune reason. Out of 6 mentioned 5 are written in answersheet back only 😃


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