Work Of fourth engineer on ship!

4th Engineer being the first promotion in engine department is stumbled upon by lots of responsibilities. But they have been trained to do so in their cadet ship. The only difference now is that, they have to implement all what they have learnt at that time, to present. As per experts, 4th engineer should do his or her work, and side by side, needs to learn what other engineers are doing. But this case is valid for all engineers, because of the very basic fact that, machinery are different every time (Yes basic background remains the same), thus one cannot be utmost sure about everything. Although there are handfuls of manufacturer of machinery in the world, but they too strive for making something different every time, so that, best output can be obtained from the machines.
Work Of fourth engineer on ship:

Pumps of centrifugal, screw, gear and reciprocating types are also under the working area of 4th engineer. Engine room of a ship is nothing or you cannot imagine it without pumps. A regular maintenance on them and also, repairing them time to time as per the running hours is quite necessary. Mostly we use centrifugal pumps, but reciprocating pumps and other positive displacement pumps are also used in places, where there need is.
The major role that 4th Engineer plays on-board is taking of bunkers. Bunker involves lot of pre-planning and him or her with chief engineer being responsible for carrying out the bunker operation properly, a thorough study of how much to take and where to take is quite necessary and imperative. During time of bunkers, he or she needs to take constant soundings, so as to have correct knowledge level of oil in the tanks.
                                                In most of the ships, fourth engineer is a part of the fire team that go first, in case of emergency. So, he or she has to make sure that, they are competent to achieve this task. He has to assist his senior's and do his watch-keeping.

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